Send emails at 1/10th the cost


Send emails at 1/10th the cost


Send emails at 1/10th the cost

11 things to test in your email call to actions

Dec 11, 2022

When you search on the internet for research on "email call to actions" you find almost nothing that is empirical. Whereas with subject lines, we were aided in our research by a number of credible studies. This is probably because the CTA piece is so subjective. Its almost like attempting to find out the single best email to send. There is no such thing.

So instead of trying to follow a step by step directive to increase click throughs in our email CTAs we at SendNet decided to have a list of things to test where it has achieved some results for others. Here is that list...

  • Vary the length of the CTA. Shorter ones are known to convert more

  • Test with a verb as the first word. On the Amazon product page, there are 10 CTAs. All of them begin with a verb. Look inside, Send me the link, Buy now with 1-Click, Give as a Gift, Add to Wish List, Send sample now, Shop now, Go, Get your Kindle here, Share

  • Test with various levels of urgency. If you look at the Amazon CTAs above, 3 of them end with 'Now'. Test with 'Today' and 'Now'.

  • Reduce the number of CTAs. Whichtestwon reported a 1,617% increase in click throughs by reducing 4 CTAs to 1.

  • Make the CTA stand out more.

  • Make it bigger

  • Use a post script. and add a call to action there

  • Try a button as CTA instead of a hyperlink

  • Experiment with bolder colors on the CTAs

  • Use first person language. Try 'Sign in to my account' instead of 'Sign in to your account'

  • Try personalising the CTA

Even though it depends on the context, these are the 11 things we can test to see if they make a difference to our click through rate.

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