Send emails at 1/10th the cost


Send emails at 1/10th the cost


Send emails at 1/10th the cost

5 simple ways you can make your email accessible for a broader audience

Nov 30, 2022

With the rise of so many email creation tools with their attractive looking templates, we have at SendNet seen a lot of emails that have really bad click through rates because they simply fail to render and reach a broad set of audience. Sending emails that can reach everyone and is equally accessible to everyone is now an art. This is probably the single biggest reason for failure in creating effective email marketing campaigns apart from downright spamming and malpractice.

Here are some simple tips to keep in mind if you want to reach a broader audience with your emails.

Shorten your emails

The longer the email, the less it will be interesting and acceptable to a larger audience. Its difficult to have that many fans intently reading a long form email. Short emails that get to the poing will have more reception. Also, short emails are much easier to read on email, which is where majority of people read their emails.

Use images only to communicate visually

Meaning, dont put text inside it. We cannot tell you how many times people put cricual information like the date and phone number in the image. For many email clients, images are blocked by default resulting in a near empty and useless email arriving in their imboxes. Alsom ake sure you use Alt Text for all images so people can get an idea of the content inside the images if they cant see it.

Pay attention to heirarchy, alignment and long, unborken paragraphs

Use fot-sizes to create contrast between sections, headlines and paragraphs etc. Pay attention to alignment, margins and never have long, unproken expanses of text that makes it difficult to read and follow when on the move on a mobile.

Use bigger fonts/line spacing to increase readability and scannability

Use text highlights to tell the eye where to go. Write for scannability rather than expecting people to read the email. People scan first and then decide to read it in its entirety if they feel it is interesting or important.

Beware of HTML tables

There is no one rendering for HTML tables. So its best to avoid using them. ITs probably more wise to send them as a CSV attachement than expects email clients to render it in any readable way.

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