Send emails at 1/10th the cost


Send emails at 1/10th the cost


Send emails at 1/10th the cost

8 must read resources to master email rendering

Dec 18, 2022

If you have ever attempted to send mission critical emails with HTML content that everyone needs to be able to render perfectly, you have my sympathies. You probably already know as much, if not more, than me or your have just quit doing it with exasperation.

This is because email rending depends on the following factors to work correctly. You have to write one single HTML code to work in ALL these conditions.

Its dependent on...

  • Email Service Providers (Gmail to good old Hotmail)

  • Operating Systems (MS Windows to Android and their different versions)

  • Email clients (Google Inbox to Outlook - Oh GOD no, dont remind me of Outlook)

  • Screen sizes (from mobile screens to large screen displays)

Image download/show settings

Chad White did the math and it comes to 15,000 different renderings at the very least.

There in lies the problem.

If you are still signed up to wrestle with this, here are a few resources that can ease the pain.

Start with understanding the problem with Chad White's analysis Why is Email Rendering So Complex? or read Modern HTML Tutorial

If you want to do a deep dive into email renderings then you can read the book The Better Email by Jason Rodriguez.

If you would rather get your hands dirty, start building an email that works everywhere from scratch with Build An Email Template From Scratch by Nicole Merlin

If you are bothered by media queries and know how to build a responsive template that completely avoids that quagmire, read Creating future-proof, responsive email wihout media queries

Limus has a great article about responsive email design called How to Code a Responsive Email from Scratch or try “Responsive Email” from Frontend Masters

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