Send emails at 1/10th the cost


Send emails at 1/10th the cost


Send emails at 1/10th the cost

Amazon SES Vs Sendgrid

Nov 13, 2022

Core offering

A few years back Amazon quietly changed the email sending landscape with Amazon SES.

Amazon SES is a cloud based email sending service. SES is an API that can be used by developers to send email at an extremely cheap price. The difference if price between SES and Sendgrid for example is so enormous that it is atleast 60 times cheaper to send via SES than using Sendgrid.

Its also extremely reliable because of Amazon's externsive infrastructure.

The big benefits of using Amazon SES are

  1. Full control over the sending process because of their API.

  2. High Deliverability

  3. Extremely cost effective

Sendgrid is useful when...

  1. You want a simple interface to send out your campaigns

  2. You dont have developer resources

  3. You dont mind the price tag

The cons of using Amazon SES are...

The biggest con is that it has no interface where you can create lists, forms, segment them, create campaigns, send/schedule them, create autoresponders etc. But you can use a service like Sendnet which acts as a complete email sending interface built on top of Amazon SES and enjoy the best of both worlds while saving a ton of money.

The biggest con using Sendgrid is...

The price tag. It costs around $60 per 10k emails using Sendgrid but using Amazon SES it costs just $1. SES can make your email marketing costs a non issue overnight.

Amazon SES & Sendgrid can do...

Transactional Emails

Great for this as typically trasactional emails need to be built into your application. The SES SDK makes it super easy to send and get metrics about your emails.

Sendgrid has API support but it is mainly used by non-coders with its web interface.

Marketing Emails

As long as it is not spam, Amazon SES is great for marketing emails like enwsletters and even promotional offers.

Sendgrid was built to make this easy. Provides ready templates and a drag and drop editor, can save your lists and segment them. You can also create auto responders and genrate reports easily.

Alternative options

From the matrix above, its clear that Amazon SES is incomparable cheaper but Sendgrid is easy to use if you are not a developer but comes at a hefty price tag. Is there a way to combine the cost-effectiveness and control of SES with the ease of use of Sendgrid? The answer is Yes.

SendNet was created to bridge exactly this gap. It costs just $20 per month, you can just sign up and use Amazon SES behind the scenes at the phenomenal rate of $1 per 10k emails. SendNet provides you a super easy to use interface with campaign creation, list management, Segmentation options, Auto responders, Beautiful intuitive reports etc. Whatsmore, you can create multiple brands and give control to your clients over their brands if you are an agency.

This is what the matrix now looks like

Go here to find out more and get started today.

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