Send emails at 1/10th the cost


Send emails at 1/10th the cost


Send emails at 1/10th the cost

Here are the 10 metrics you need to know about your email campaigns

Nov 26, 2022

Email marketing, like everything else takes a long to time to get right. If you just even scan some of the metrics we list below you will realise that no one can get them all perfectly optimised on day one. Most email campaigns dont even have the facility to track many of them. SendNet our email marketing software was designed to automatically track most of them or atleast make it easy to infer many of the tougher ones.

Open Rates

What it means: Open rates tell you the general interest levels in your email. That includes who your are, whether people are expecting to hear from you and also the subject of your email. Open rates the biggest indication of the interestingness of subject lines.

CTR or Click Thru Rate

What it means: This is the holy grail of email marketing. To get some clicks back to your website/product. This indicates a high level of trust in you and what you are offering. Your ability to write great copy and keep the trust directly influences CTR.

Unsubscribe rate

What it means: This means people are not seeing the value in your emails. This is better than spam report rate because atleast people are taking time to unsubscribe instead of downright putting you in spam. This is an indication that you might be sending too many emails or your emails are too salesy.

Bounce rate

What it means: Bounce rate is an indication of the quality of your email lists. this is very high in lists that have been bought or badly maintained lists with infrequent communications. If there is a high bounce rate, your might find your emails sent to spam or even completely blocked because of low reputation by many email providers.

Forward rate

What it means: A high forward rate is great for your business. This means your NPS score is very high. People find so much value in your emails that they are willing to send it to others. This also indicates that your emails have high social currency.

Open rates at different days of the week or time of day

What it means: Most research shows that the best day of the week to send emails in general is on tuesdays and the worst day is sunday. It also turns out that the best time in at 10 am or post 9 pm. But each email and their audience is different. For this to be measured well you will need to do a few tests. Break up your email campaigns and send it to different sets of randomly divided audience at different days/times of the week and measure the open rates. You can do that pretty easily using our segmentation features in SendNet.

Spam percentage

What it means: This is the msot dangerous metric. If people are unsubscribing they still consider you legit. But marking you as spam question the legitimacy of the campaign. This means users are surprised by your email. They probably dont remember giving you permission to send emails or not recognise you at all. This one also places you under violation of GDPR if it happens too often.

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