Send emails at 1/10th the cost


Send emails at 1/10th the cost


Send emails at 1/10th the cost

Sending multiple welcome emails could increase your revenue by 51%

Dec 12, 2022 uses a welcome email series to increase engagement and even revenues by 51%.

This is something that other businesses can definitely try including a SAAS business.

The welcome email series works because people feel vulnerable when they try anything new. They need to be made to feel welcome, they need help and they also need a bit of a nudge.

Typically, the welcome email is the one that gets the highest open rates. The recipient is at their peak interest.

The First Impressions Email Marketing Study found that about 27% of wompanies don't send a welcome email and 41% dont send one in the first 48 hours and only 39% send one within 48 hours.

Here is what the first email looks like in my inbox..

Straight away notice the use of the preview text. They have removed everything else which typically appears next to it. In contrast look at what the rest of the spam in my inbox looks like...

The email body itself is very lively and the main image brings out the emotion of meeting someone after a long time. Very playful.

The first email gets you to buy something with a simple offer... "Get 10% off with this coupon code". It also sets the expectation of what other emails they will be sending.

The next email introduces the customer to their social media channels and gets them to follow all the liveliness there.

The third one is only sent if there is no action on the first email which had an offer to use a discount code.

Apart from these a Welcome email series could include any of the following types of content...

  • Just saying Hi

  • Introduce who you are and what you do

  • A simple offer to buy

  • Phone call invites to a quick chat

  • Testimonials

  • How-to emails to help them understand how to use your product/service better.

Depending on the type of customer and the problems and expectations they have in your industry, its worth mixing them up and try sending a Welcome email series to them. You can even change the series based on segmentation of your lists and further optimize it.

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