Send emails at 1/10th the cost


Send emails at 1/10th the cost


Send emails at 1/10th the cost

Suffering from poor email deliverability? Amazon SES to the rescue

Nov 23, 2022

Many of our clients at SendNet used to use shared IP addresses earlier. The problem with shared IPs is that invariably your deliverability is reduced to an average of the reputation of all of the tenants of the IPs put together.

Shared IPs give you very little control over deliverability even you practice the best email practices.

Shared IPs involve others who you don't even know and can exert no control over.

Shared IPs can get entirely blocked if one of the other tenants misbehaves or a new client is not upto the mark.

Shared IPs means you can never really depend on it and call it a business asset.

Dedicated IPs have the problem of warming up slowly and lack of trust.

Dedicated IPs are too expensive especially if you buy from the premium providers

Dedicated IPs require a ton of maintenance.

You cannot buy a dedicated IP on its own. You will have to subscribe to a $200 per month email platform.

There is a way out of all this. Amazon SES solves this problem in conjunction with SendNet at costs that are mindblowing. It will cost you less that 1/100th the cost of MailChimp for example.

Amazon costs a pittance, SendNet is a email marketing platform that you use for just $20 per month.

So how does it maintain deliverability and reputation? In our experience by simply never allowing you to exceed an extremely strict code of conduct. It bars accounts based on any little evidence of complaints, bad email lists or spam reports. So thats the catch. You cannot spam. which should be no problem whatsoever if you are a genuine article. I would not recommend you even bother trying if you have bought email lists, unmaintained segments of data, send spammy, salesy messages. Otherwise it is very cheap. Sending email is actually very cheap but send spam is super expensive.

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