Send emails at 1/10th the cost


Send emails at 1/10th the cost


Send emails at 1/10th the cost

Swear to never spam? Your email sending costs just dropped by 10x

Dec 5, 2022

Actually thats not even true. The costs will drop by 100x at its rawest level but you wouldnt beleive me if I put that in the headline

If you look at the email platforms landscape, you will realise just how expensive email sending has become. Its a big part of starting up. Whether its a tech startup, an info product, blog or any service that needs to collect and send regular emails, you end up paying something like $200 for about 10k emails every single month.

But these costs have gone up because of how the email platforms are used. If you just decide never to spam, you will have an entirely new channel which is super cheap. Cheap enough to never, ever probably bother you as a big cost in your venture.

If there is even a hint of spam this route will not working. which means

  • You have a list thats legitimate and never bought or scraped from somewhere

  • People gave you their emails voluntarily and agreed to get emails of a certain type from you arat a certain frequency

  • You don't break the frequency agreement and the kind of content you will send.

  • You have every option to let them unsubscribe

If all this is true, you can use Amazon SES to send emails at just $1 per 10k emails as against $200 per 10k from mailchimp.

But this is deisnged from developers. We have built an UI around this service which lets you o pretty much everything yhat you can do with MailChimp.

It will cost you just $20 per month. You can deploy it and use it however you like. If you don't want to be bothered by creating and maintaining servers, you can just use our cloud version of SendNet and pay just 1/5th of mailchimp pricing per month. Check it out here.

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